George Tsiklis

Help businesses grow and hire to strengthen the economy and give us more options - No
new property taxes for 2021 – Fund extra Police and Social Services – Give the vulnerable
more opportunity to participate – Build a recreational facility – Believe in ourselves and
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George Tsiklis

My fellow Reginans, my name is George Tsiklis. I am a first generation Canadian, the first of two children of Basile and Anna Tsiklis who emigrated from Greece for a better life. I have a younger sister, her name is Angela Maria. I grew up in Winnipeg, where I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree. I am married to an amazing woman, Bibiana Del Castillo, and we have two incredible children, Pamela and Juan.

I have over 30 years of hard earned work experience, where I learned how to clean toilets, how to start and run my own business, and how to be a community volunteer leader. I spent 10 years on the board of directors of Group Medical Services right here in Regina, where I served as Interim President & CEO during a critical transitionary year. With your support and vote, I plan to give a great deal of my time to the role of city councillor for the 23,000 residents of Ward 2, a ward I have happily lived in for 10 years.

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